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Sweet Tooth Hampers

This hamper of chocolate treasures is a great gift to be shared as a Thank You in an office, hospital, or home. Or as a personal basket of indulgence to be secretly hidden away, only to be shared with a hot cup of tea or coffee!

Whatever the reason, you’re sure to delight the recipient be they one, two, or a few!

Hamper Contents:
2 x Mars
2 x Crunchie
2 x Twix
2 x Timeout
2 x Caramel
2 x KitKat
2 x Star Bar
2 x Twirl
2 x Moro
2 x Flake
2 x Snickers
2 x Fudge

Note: In the event of an item not being available, the items will be substituted for a similar or upgraded product to ensure the speed of shipment.