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Birthday Girl Pink Balloon Bouquet

This birthday girl balloon bouquet features a classically designed birthday girl balloon backed up by two star shaped holographic foil balloons in lilac and light pink. The bouquet is tied together with pink ribbon and held down by a matching balloon weight.
Key Features:
  • 3 Helium Inflated Balloons
  • 1x Birthday Girl Round Balloon
  • 1x light pink foil star-shape balloon 
  • 1x lilac foil star-shape balloon
  • Pink ribbon and co-ordinating balloon weight
Perfect for girls of any age, this balloon bouquet sparkles and shines in dazzling pinks and purples, making a great centrepiece for the birthday party. For a real party starter, wait to open it until the guests arrive, for an amazing display everyone will love.
Order now to your home for a fantastic experience on their big day.