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Blue 'Happy Birthday' Balloon Bouquet

Suitable for any birthday, this balloon bundle adds an extra element of fun and surprise to the birthday boy’s special day. The balloon bundle consists of 3 balloons – two blue foil star-shaped balloons, and a blue foil balloon which reads “Happy Birthday”. 
Key Features:
  • 3 Helium Inflated Balloons
  • 1x “Happy Birthday” round balloon 
  • 1x Light blue foil star-shape balloon
  • 1x Dark blue foil star-shape balloon
  • Light blue ribbon and co-ordinating balloon weight
This is the perfect gift for any birthday, whether it’s a special milestone, a relaxed affair or a wild child’s party. The balloons are a great gift to open, and wonderful extra decorations once they’ve been set free.
Order now to your home or directly to the birthday boy’s address for a special surprise!